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A Different View

At Global Catalytic Ministries, one of our mission statements is that we don’t just survive persecution, we thrive in it. It doesn’t matter if we are well-fed or hungry, rich or poor, facing persecution or living in freedom, in the East or West – we can be content in Jesus and make disciples. We firmly believe that this is not only possible for every Christian to live this way, but it is also critical.

The Western church tends to view their persecuted brothers and sisters worldwide with a mix of pity and gratitude. They feel sorry for those who are suffering and are grateful that they themselves are not experiencing the same hardship. However, it is interesting to note that the persecuted church feels the same way about the church in the West.

It is natural for people to shy away from pain, but the Bible shows us that we are not just meant to survive persecution, but to thrive in it. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake blessed, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. He encourages persecuted believers to rejoice in their suffering because their reward in Heaven will be great.

It’s puzzling that so many Christians spend an inordinate amount of effort setting up a safe, comfortable life where they will face as few trials as possible. This is not possible for a true Christian, and it is certainly not Biblical. Instead, we are told to count it as joy when we face various trials. The book of James suggests that we will receive both earthly and eternal rewards for our suffering, including perseverance leading to maturity.

If we look at the persecuted church, we can see the Biblical truth of thriving in persecution lived out before our eyes. The areas where the church faces the most severe backlash also tend to see the most growth. This is not accidental but rather a Kingdom exchange, where we trade our weakness for His strength.

The persecuted church knows that in their suffering, they are being made more like Jesus on Earth and earning a share of His eternal reward in Heaven. For the Christian, there could be no greater joy than this.

Of course, this does not mean that we should pursue persecution for its own sake. Instead, we are meant to pursue Jesus with wild, brave, wholehearted abandon. When we embrace the Biblical understanding of persecution, we can do this without hindrance or fear.

By making peace with the fact that Christians will suffer, and embracing the truth that this suffering makes us blessed on Earth and in Heaven, we can obey the call of God on our lives. In turn, we can impact the world like the early church did, with a faith that changes work places, cities, nations, and even generations.

It is time for the global church to redefine its understanding of persecution and free ourselves up to thrive in all circumstances, serving Jesus whatever the cost.


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