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It’s Our Joy

In our present society, there is a prevalent storyline that emphasizes the pursuit of pleasure as the ultimate goal in life. This narrative is ingrained in us through various channels, including subtle messages and explicit instructions, urging us to prioritize our immediate happiness.

However, for followers of the Christian faith, this belief couldn’t be more misguided. The Bible instructs believers to consider everything worthless in comparison to the immeasurable value of knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord. But what does this truly entail? Is God unconcerned with our happiness?

God defines true happiness as the state of being closest to Him. As the Creator and the one who deeply cares for our souls, God understands that we can never attain long-lasting contentment or bliss without His presence. Hence, although He has bestowed upon us a beautiful world to relish, He may frequently challenge us to relinquish our trivial attachments to pursue Him.

As humans, we tend to indulge in idolatry more than any other sin. We frequently devote ourselves to anything that provides us with fleeting joy, even if it is temporary satisfaction or relief. God often examines the faith of those who profess love for Him by testing their willingness to abandon these momentary pleasures in favor of His love. Abraham’s obedience on Mount Moriah, the disciples leaving their lucrative fishing nets, and the rich young ruler’s struggle demonstrate the truth of this concept.

For individuals who have a genuine relationship with God, the decision to follow His commands is simple. God demands only what we could never truly possess, as everything we have comes from Him. In exchange, He offers us unparalleled worth.

Are we willing to surrender all of our possessions, even our lives, for God’s sake? If we comprehend His essence, His values, and His compassionate nature, we will willingly do so. The underground church is aware of this reality and withholds nothing, not even their lives, to attain the incomprehensible delight of being in Christ’s presence.

One of our key vision statements at Global Catalytic Ministries reflects our belief: We are willing to relinquish things we hold dear in exchange for things we cherish even more. It is a privilege to offer sacrifices for Christ’s sake.

The worldwide church needs to thoroughly assess our hearts. Is there anything, anything at all, that we are not prepared to surrender for Jesus Christ? If we discover such a deficiency, we must wholeheartedly seek Him until we find the missing piece. Similar to the man who discovers the valuable pearl, we must realize the worth of the One we have discovered, to the extent that we are willing to sacrifice everything to keep Him.

Once we make this commitment, we will be able to echo the sentiments of the church throughout history, affirming that it is a delight to abandon what we cherish for the One we cherish even more.


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